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                Yao Sheng, general manager of the Beijing Great Hall of marriage attend the ninth Industry Forum

                Column:Company News Time:2013-03-29
                March 29 to 31, the Ninth China Industry Forum was held in the Great Hall. Forum released a Chinese industrial annual art collective, a pioneer in China's industrial demonstration unit...

                March 29 to 31, the Ninth China Industry Forum was held in the Great Hall. Forum released a Chinese industrial annual art collective, a pioneer in China's industrial demonstration unit, China's industrial units outstanding, excellent Chinese Industrial Park, China's industrial pioneer party building units, China's industrial units outstanding party building, Chinese industry pioneer, China's top ten influential industry figures, ten Outstanding Chinese industry figures, China's top ten newsmakers industry, China's top ten characters industrial innovation, outstanding figures of China's industrial park, China's industrial outstanding figures, party building industry pioneer in China, Chinese industrial and other units outstanding figures of party building and individual lists. Engineering Institute of Shaanxi Party Committee, "China Industrial Party building outstanding units" honorary title, Shaanxi Academy of Engineering, "China Industrial outstanding units," the honorary title, the party secretary, Comrade Deng Zhihui, "China Industry pioneer party building," the honorary title, Comrade Cui Yan Dean was "China industry outstanding figure "honorary title.


                It is reported that the forum by the guidance of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, China International Economic and Exchange Center and the China Industrial Economic Federation support, Building Department of the CPC Central Party School, Chinese Defense Industry and the China Enterprise Management Association and other units jointly organized by the newspaper industry, the Chinese authority of the brand's unique industry forums and high-level forum, but also to promote the development, promote advanced exchange to improve the high-end forum.  

                CPPCC Vice Chairman Abulaiti ? Amudurexiti attended the meeting and posed for pictures with the participants, the former Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Minister Li Yizhong, deputy director of the CPPCC Economic Committee Zheng Xinli, the National Development and Reform Commission, former deputy director Zhang has made a keynote speech, former Minister of the Ministry of machinery Industry Bao Xuding, deputy Minister and Chief Engineer Mr. Lu unit and individual awards to the winners.  

                In this forum, we received two honorary "China Industrial Pioneer Model" Yao Sheng, general manager of marriage, "China's top ten industrial innovation People"